The optical sensor WM | LS 600 with a line width of 280 mm up to 600 mm allows an extended field of application for large portal cmms as well as for horizontal arm machines from WENZEL. The sensor allows even large components to be measured quickly and reliably. Whether for components of electric mobility, e.g. battery boxes or for the measurement of tipping containers on trucks: the WM | LS 600 is suitable for almost every larger component. Additionally the WM | LS 600 can be combined with the well-known WM | Shapetracer II from WENZEL on a cmm. This combination forms an unbeatable DUO and turns your coordinate measuring machine into an all-purpose weapon with which even the most complex workpieces can be measured quickly and easily.



  • Autojoint adapter - Adaptable to any CMM
  • WM | Quartis compatible
  • Fast measurement of large components
  • Up to 600 mm line width
  • Automatically exchangeable with e.g. tactile probes and WM | Shapetracer II
  • Compatible mit PHS II
  • Particularly suitable for horizontal arm machines and large LHF machines



The line width of up to 600 mm makes the WM | LS 600 the ideal choice for particularly large components with a low level of detail, such as: tipping containers for industrial vehicles, battery boxes for electric mobility or rotor blades for power generation.





  • High Productivity
    Up to 600 mm line width | Blue laser line reduces surface preparation
  • Low operating costs
    Integrated in the WENZEL software family | Fast and reliable spare parts availability | Can be retrofitted to existing systems
  • Ergonomisches Design
    Simple operation | Maintenance-friendly | Aesthetic design
  • High flexibility
    Can be used on large CMMs and horizontal arm measuring machines | Compatible with WM | Shapetracer II in exchange | Scanning of different surfaces


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