WM | DesignMaster is a powerful software tool for modellers and designers. All daily design job tasks are covered. Essential elements of WM | DesignMaster are digitizing of geometric elements and surfaces on work pieces and models with touch triggers, optical and multipoint scanning sensors as well as the seamless import and export of this data into modern computer-aided systems like CAD, CAM or CAQ.

The system enables users to generate milling programs as well as milling on the measuring machine and basic generation of surfaces. The modular software architecture offers a simple and clear user interface for all software functions. Moreover DesignMaster provides multicore support with full 64-Bit performance and is compatible with Windows 10.




  • WM | DesignMaster basic package
    • Generation of B-splines and polylines • Moving, rotating, scaling and mirroring objects • Transforming objects using matrices • Alignment: coarse/fine, automatically BestFit, discreet BestFit • Alignment of standard geometries and RPS • Triangle meshes: smooth, reduce, cut, copy, split, delete and merge • Extracting point clouds, components, edge lines and feature lines from a triangulated mesh • Creating sections on a triangular mesh
  • Comprehensive CAD functionality
    • Turning surface orientation • Surfaces: extend sew, trim, fillet, copy, split, delete • Extracting triangle mesh and regular geometry out of sur faces • Extracting polylines out of curves and corners
  • Optical high speed scanning
    • Scanning with optical scanners • Calibrating positions • Definition of scan ranges
  • Measuring & Digitizing – fast, accurate, flexible
    • Measuring geometric elements: point, vector, circle, plane, sphere, cylinder, polyline • Processing of geometric elements: connection, projection, section, symmetry
  • Verification – accurately, quickly, clearly
    • Surface measurement (target/actual-comparison) • Section measurement • Wall thickness measurement • Profile form tolerance • Calculate area and volume content • Dimensioning
  • Reverse Engineering – interactive and quick
    • Creating surface mesh • Creating and editing nodes and edges • Creating and edit surfaces • Surface preview
  • Writer – Informative documentation
    • Documentation of a project with headings, text and graph -ical views • Exporting and printing as PDF
  • Milling program generation
    • Creating milling blank cubes and cylinders • Z-Constant finishing and roughing • Foam milling • Skeletal milling • Roughing • Bore milling • Finishing • Milling contour- and meander-design
  • Calibration & Alignment – made easy
    • Reference system calibration: tool setters, calibration sphere, preset tooling • Tool and probe calibration • 3-2-1-Alignment • Alignment over 1/3 points • Displacement and rotation of the orientation
  • Milling with high-throughput
    • Milling operation • Volume milling • Processing of NC programs: inversion, interpolation, separation, extraction of a point cloud
  • Milling with high-throughput
    • Creating point, vector, circle, plane, sphere, cylinder • Converting standard geometry into CAD object • Turning vector information


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