The WM | SYS Analyzer offers you the entire scope of data transparency for measuring machines, measurement processes, and the measurement environment. This means that authorized users receive all the necessary information in real time through an attractive interface.

  • Clear, intuitive interface and operabilitySimultaneous or global information via all connected measuring machines
  • Automatic backup of all information, machine data, measurement sequences, and information about the measurement environment
  • Subsequent analysis capability
  • Use and encryption independent of platform




  • Information Transparency
    Machine data | Measurement sequences | Measurement environment
  • Remotely MonitBackup and Reuseor Machine Performance
    Automatic storage | Multifaceted comparability | Automatic archiving
  • Versatile use on all Platforms
    Smartphones | Tablets | Desktop computers
  • Service Improvement
    Wear display | Outstanding maintenance | Avoidance of downtimes


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