With the WM | SYS Analyzer software solution WENZEL offers extensive possibilities for controlling and analyzing measurement tasks and machines used. This allows the customer to have a “digital twin” of their part
and analyze their measurement data in an intelligent and flexible way. The WM | SYS Analyzer offers total data transparency for measuring machines and their measuring environment. Authorized users are provided with all necessary information in real time through an attractive interface. The WM | SYS Analyzer consists of three software modules. The basic module “Monitoring” is installed on the machine’s computer as standard on delivery. The advanced modules “Operations” and “Analytics” can be added at any time depending on the requirements of the machine.



  • Networking of local and global information of all connected measuring machines
  • Intuitive interface and usability
  • Automatic backup of all information, e.g. machine data and data from the measuring environment
  • Possibilities of further analyses
  • Platform independent usage and encryption




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  • Information Transparency
    Machine data | Measurement sequences | Measurement environment
  • Remotely MonitBackup and Reuseor Machine Performance
    Automatic storage | Multifaceted comparability | Automatic archiving
  • Versatile use on all Platforms
    Smartphones | Tablets | Desktop computers
  • Service Improvement
    Wear display | Outstanding maintenance | Avoidance of downtimes
  • High machine utilization
    Monitoring of machine running times | Reduction of errors | Lower downtime


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