Flexible and easy evaluation of gear measurements

WM | Gear is a completely new software package for data acquisition and measurement of involute cylindrical gears on WENZEL coordinate measuring machines. Together with the WM | Gear Analyzer for evaluation and presentation of the measurement results, a complete package for quality determination of involute gears is available. Without additional training, the operator can use the usual WM | Quartis capabilities to determine workpiece alignment, probe management and calibration. The WM | Gear software solution enables the determination of the usual gearing characteristics, determined according to the most common evaluation standards.



  • Support of common evaluation standards
  • Coupling to statistics system possible
  • Many evaluation parameters can be changed later
  • Many presentation parameters can be changed later
  • Archiving of measurement results in .pdf format



  • Standardization of evaluation and presentation of gearing measurements
  • Regardless of the manufacturer
  • Based on open GDE standard
  • Individual presentation forms possible
  • Fully automatic drain possible



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