The important Know-How Advantage

Good staff are an invaluable resource. Qualified employees use the potential of machine and software perfectly and give you a direct advantage over the competition. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how which we provide to our customers worldwide.

Software Training

WENZEL offers both seminars and individual training courses. The seminars teach the basics of successful work and measurement with WENZEL Software WM | Quartis, WM | PointMaster, WM | DesCAD and all other WENZEL Software solutions. The individual training sessions are held specifically for your company. The content of the training is tailored to your specific needs and work pieces. The training can take place at WENZEL or at your site.


WENZEL is a member of ‘Ausbildung Koordinatenmesstechnik e. V. (AUKOM)’. The association promotes basic training in the field of industrial production metrology, in particular coordinate metrology. AUKOM ensures the standards and comparability of the courses offered by the members in the context of coordinate metrology training.

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Service Training

WENZEL Service Training enables your employees to get help with machinery faults by themselves. This is enhanced due to the modular design of our machines. Often only a few simple steps are required to bring the system back to work. If the operator is unable to repair the fault, he will at least be able to analyze the exact cause to support our service technicians. Thus, downtime is reduced and working time and costs saved.

Training and AUKOM
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Service Training
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