Optical Roughness Measurement

The optical 3D sensor WM | RS-C is an surface measuring white light interferometer and was developed for measuring, characterizing and inspecting topographies, roughness and finest structures in a microscopic environment. The WM | RS-C captures 3D surfaces as a point cloud or triangulated STL mesh and thus enables DIN EN ISO-compliant 2D and 3D roughness evaluation. The particular strength of the sensor lies in the measurement of vertically and horizontally high-resolution surfaces. The optical 3D sensor WM | RS-C uses the short coherence length of „white“ light to measure technical surfaces vertically at highest resolution. An internal GigE camera with full HD resolution and an integrated LED with optimized spectral distribution are used. The interferometer is usually operated with exchangeable Mirau lenses. In the table version, the interferometer works with a piezo-driven actuator, which enables high-resolution scanning of topographies.



  • Highest vertical and lateral resolution
  • „Stitching“ of multiple surfaces
  • Very small sensor size. Smallest device in its class!
  • Stand-Alone & interchangeable in machine (multi-sensor interface)
  • Fully integrated in the software WM | PointMaster 5
  • Optional, graphical sensor interface with TCP-/IP interface for autonomous sensor operation...
  • Compatible with WENZEL CORE (with slightly reduced resolution)



During the production of components, not only the dimensional accuracy and tolerances are in the focus of the quality assurance but also the functional properties of the component surfaces must be checked. This is where the WM | RS-C comes into play. With the WM | RS-C the quality of the manufactured surfaces and their functionality, such as sealing, lubrication, friction and wear behaviour can be analysed.

  • Quality assurance & measuring rooms
  • Medical Technology
  • Metalworking & Finishing
  • Optics and lens production
  • Aerospace sector
  • Roughness measurement & shop floor application
  • Semiconductor industry and chip production
  • Coating analysis
  • Automation Technology
  • Research & university applications





  • High Productivity
    Interchangeable system | Fully integrated in WM | Quartis | Working in the component coordinate system | Fully integrated in automated measuring sequence
  • High flexibility
    Sensor can be changed like a touch probe | Integrated in 5-axis measuring machine WENZEL CORE | Use as stand-alone device


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