The new benchmark in blade measurement

With the program WM | Blade Analyzer WENZEL introduces a new tool for the evaluation of turbine blade measurements.

The new benchmark in blade measurement!

The software supports standard parameters such as

  • Maximum thickness
  • Entry and exit edge radius
  • Edge thickness
  • Blade length
  • Blade angle

Evaluation according to various manufacturer standards (GE, Safran, Royce Rolls, Pratt & Whitney). Different Best Fit algorithms for determining the blade position are just as much a part of the scope of services as the evaluation of tip and root dimensions.

A defined workflow makes it easier for the user to create the measurement report. A generated report can be saved as a template and used for all further measurements. The measurement data is transferred in file format.  Different formats like vda, iges, csv and xml are supported. In addition to manual use by an operator, the software can also be automated by command line parameters. The data can be stored in various formats for statistical recording of the results.



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