LH 1210-SOLD

ID-No. LH3021 / LH3121 / LH3221

Machine Data

Manufacturer WENZEL
Type LH 1210
Year of construction 2015
Location WENZEL

Measuring range

X-Achse [mm] 1200
Y-Achse [mm] 3000
Z-Achse [mm] 1000

Measuring uncertainty*

MPEE [μm] 2,9 + L/300 (L in mm)
MPEP [μm] 2,9
MPETHP** [μm] not applicable
MPETHP** [sec] not applicable
Temperature range 18°C – 22°C
Temperature gradient 1 K/h, 1 K/m, 2 K/d

* according to DIN EN ISO 10360-2
** if applicable


Control System see below
Probe System see below
Software see below
Accessories PC-System with Windows 10
Miscellaneous see below


Option 1: LH3021
Steuerung / Control system: WPC2040/3, HT400
Tastsystem / Probe system: PH10M | TP 200 | 2x SF | 1x SCR200
Software / Software: WM | Quartis X3 GEO FREEFORM
Sonstiges / Miscellaneous: 18-teiliger Taststiftesatz M2 / 18-piece stylus set M2

Option 2: LH3121
Steuerung / Control system: WPC2040/3, HT400
Tastsystem / Probe system: PH10M | SP25M | 1x SM25-2 | 2x SH25-2 | 1x FCR25 | 1x MRS 400
Software / Software: WM | Quartis X3M25 FREEFORM
Sonstiges / Miscellaneous: 19-teiliger Taststiftesatz M3 / 19-piece stylus set M3

Option 3: LH3221
Steuerung / Control system: UCCS5, HT500
Tastsystem / Probe system: REVO-2 Basic Kit (neu/new)
Software / Software: WM | Quartis REVO FREEFORM
Sonstiges / Miscellaneous: REVO M2 Tastereinsatz-Kit 8-tlg. / REVO M2 stylus kit 8 pcs.

Subject to prior sale, technical modification and to changes in scope and design. Machine may show traces of usage.


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