Quick help for you

Many questions can readily be solved by phone. In addition to this, we have the WENZEL Online Service (WOS). The WOS is WENZEL’s Internet-based remote diagnosis and remote maintenance service.

During the warranty period of your CMM, this service is free and includes the online application support and service support. The WOS can also be used later. It reduces the reaction times and downtimes in case of failure significantly and it saves high travel costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and direct access to your machine
  • Online error analysis
  • Adjustments and troubleshooting via WOS
  • Avoidance of downtime
  • Maintenance, such as updating firmware and software
  • Optional remote control of your computer by our support engineer
  • Accurate representation of what our technician determines on your system
  • Avoidance of long and costly journeys