WENZEL has recognized the trend that measuring programs will no longer have to be generated individually in the future, but will be generated automatically on the basis of the information in the CAD model. The "Proof of Concept" has been successfully launched and at Control 2019 initial approaches can already be shown to receive valuable feedback from specialists in the field, even from those with ulterior motives in mind.

WENZEL goes ahead. The WM | Generator is still a very visionary product in the early stages of development. It will still take years until the CAD-models contain the corresponding information all over the country, but WENZEL is on the topic. The WM | Generator is being developed for customers who want to reduce the effort of generating measuring programs. Initially, the focus is on tactile, touch trigger probe systems with PH10 in combination with CAD models that contain measurement plans in the form of semantic PMIs. Other technologies - and other measurement plan formats - will also be supported later.


When importing the CAD model, not only the CAD data but also the semantic PMI are converted.

The PMI automatically generates the measurement plan - the basis for the measurement process.



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