Interactive, accurate, fast and flexible

WM | CT Analyzer is WENZEL's software for handling voxel data from CT systems.

WM | CT Analyzer imports volume data automatically from WENZEL exaCT® machines and calculates surfaces automatically, even for multi-materials.

In addition to the normal functions that are available in its sister product, WM | PointMaster, WM | CT Analyzer is also able to perform NDT functions such as testing for shrink holes and impurities, wall thickness analysis and segmentation and visualization of components in an assembly with different densities.




  • Made by WENZEL
    Developed | Produced | Maintained
  • Flexibility
    CT data to CAD/CAM/STL in one software | Multi-language | Milling path generation
  • Low cost of ownership
    Reasonably priced SMA | Discounts with quantity | Discounts as part of maintenance contract
  • Power
    Real time rendering | NDT testing for shrink holes, impurities and wall thickness | Material segmentation and visualization of components with different densities
  • Connectivity
    Imports from all common CAD | Virtual CMM Connection (VCMM) to WM |QUARTIS for GD& T | Imports and surfaces volume data automatically


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