Perfect milling results with high throughput

Complex free-form surfaces can be milled directly on the Coordinate Measuring Machine with the SH 3+2 2-Axis-Milling Head. The simple adaptation to the measuring machine and integrated controller inside the milling head enables a user-friendly operation. The new WENZEL SH 3+2 CNC Milling Head has excellent repeatability its rotary axes (0,002 Degree) and tool tip (0,01 mm), an infinitely variable speed range up to 8.500 revolutions per minute, and an adjustable pivoting range in both axes in 0,01 mm steps.

The controller can automatically handle multiple programs sequentially and also allows unmanned operation. The new SH 3+2 can be used with 3, 6, 10 and 16 mm milling cutters. The HSK-32 mounting provides excellent repeat accuracy. Due to the all new changing interface optical sensors and tactile probes such as the TP20 can be mounted directly. Also the new designed front is equipped with a blocking air seal preventing dirt and clay abrasion from entering the milling head.



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