Structured Light Projection and Image Processing Sensor

The optical non-contact 3D sensor PHOENIX captures point clouds and geometry elements in one shot. PHOENIX provides precise results with high speed in a wide range of applications in quality assurance and shop floor, production measurement.

PHOENIX handles a diverse range of applications such as automotive sheet metal and plastics, turbine blades, other aero engine parts and medical devices.

The small, lightweight design allows the sensor to be connected to WENZEL coordinate measuring machines via the Renishaw autojoint and can be changed in cycle for a Renishaw probe enabling difficult to access or high accuracy features to be measured in the same program.

The PHOENIX has the ability to recognize different surface textures and colours and even collect barcodes for process control.





  • Made by WENZEL
    Developed | Produced | Maintained
  • Performance
    Excellent data collection speed | Excellent accuracy and ordered data | Versatile with PH10M or PHS
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Mounted on CMM or Wenzel CORE optical shop floor machine | Combine with touch probing with automatic tool changing | CMM or Point cloud software
  • Easy to use
    Fully programmable | Easy evaluation with Quartis or PointMaster | Point and shoot
  • Connectivity
    Can read bar codes | Outputs to factory systems | Automation


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