The all new WENZEL GT Series

The GT series offers the right solution for your measuring task: for small gears and rotationally symmetrical components, e.g. from the automotive industry, through toothed workpieces and shafts used, for example, in  commercial vehicles, railroad transmissions or construction and agricultural machinery, to the measurement of marine gears. For easy loading of the gear measuring device, they are equipped with a counter holder. Using the counterholder, diameters of up to 1,200 mm can be measured. Flat components whose measurement does not require a counter holder can even be measured precisely up to a diameter of 1,600 mm. Thus, WENZEL supports a wide variety of industries and provides solutions for the automotive and energy industries, materials handling, agriculture, the aerospace industry and mechanical & plant engineering.


The GT 300 was especially developed for the measurement and analysis of smaller gears and rotational symmetrical parts from the automotive industry. Optionally the GT 300 can be equipped with a tailstock for measurements between centers.


The GT 450 gear measuring machine is typically used in the aerospace, automotive and their supplier industries. It allows the precise analysis of gears and rotationally symmetrical partsup to a diameter of 450 mm.  Equipped with a tailstock, shafts with a maximum length of 650, 900 or 1200 mm can be measured on this gear measuring machine within a measuring range of 650 or 800 mm.


Due to the maximum measurable diameter of 650 mm, the GT 650 is especially well suitable for the analysis of geared parts and shafts used in commercial vehicles, rail transmissions or construction and agricultural machinery. In the standard version of this gear measuring machine, face widths of up to 650 or optionally even 800 mm can be measured.


Whenever engine components for aviation or smaller marine gear units need to be measured, GT 900 is the ideal gear measuring machine. It is equipped with a movable tailstock. Therefore the measuring machine can be loaded easily. Using the tailstock parts with a maximum diameter of 900 mm can be measured. The GT of this size is equipped with active damping by standard. This assures high precision measurements of big parts even  close to production.


Components for large scale machines from the field of machinery and plant engineering need a suitable gear measuring machine, the GT 1200. It is the largest measuring machine of the GT series and is equipped with a movable tailstock. This makes an easy loading with large and heavy parts possible. When using the tailstock parts with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm can be measured. The GT 1200 does not need a separate  foundation. Active damping absorbs vibrations and assures reliable measurement procedures.




    Air bearings in all axes | Baseplate & guides of linear axes made of granite | Standard Controller WPC | Pneumatic or hydraulic rotary table | High-resolution scales
  • Ergonomics
    Simple operator interface | Intuitive measuring software | Optimized ergonomics | Small & compact footprint
  • Serviceability
    Easy to access replacement parts | Subsidiaries & agents worldwide | Hotline Support for quick diagnosis
  • Durability
    Massive & robust granite base | All axes protected against oil & dust | Wear-free construction | Modular system - easy to adapt | High-quality components ensure long machine operation times


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