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The world of Quality, Inspection, and Metrology is a broad one, with different meanings to almost everyone. Add to that dozens of companies, hundreds of measuring technologies, and thousands of possible applications and finding the best measuring tool available can be quite daunting. This guide serves as a compilation of data that quantifies the strengths, weaknesses, and ideal uses of a suite of metrology tools and technology in a variety of applications. Its goal is simply to summarize the abilities of WENZEL’s most prominent CMM products to aid in the decision making process of purchasing a new Metrology Solution.

Turbine blades (blades), which can be found in a wide variety of industries, are exposed to extreme conditions (both mechanical and thermal) during operation. To ensure that they still function reliably and efficiently, geometric dimensional accuracy is one of many critical factors monitored during the blade manufacturing process. Here WENZEL offers a wide range of innovative technologies which help you to guarantee the required quality and reliability of your turbine blades, and help you maintain control of your manufacturing processes. In this whitepaper we are comparing our metrology solutions for your blades to find out which solution is the best for your individual needs.

Download the White Paper on this page as PDF or view it as Digital Magazine. Be inspired by our solutions!

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