Affordable CMM Inspection

The XCite Manual CMM is a cost effective, air bearing Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine, manufactured from granite with intrinsic accuracy, for quick verification of simple parts.

The XCite offers easy operation and an attractive starting price. The all-round system is suitable for quality control of components and is an inexpensive alternative to gauges or multipoint measurement systems

The XCite CMM offers an excellent price/size ratio.




  • A lot of CMM for your money
    Excellent price/size ratio | Quality | Very competitive
  • Long term, mechanical accuracy
    Granite Structure | Hand finished | Inherent mechanical precision
  • Low cost of ownership
    Air bearings with small gaps - low air consumption | Renishaw probes - reliable with cheap replacement parts | Longer calibration intervals
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Large range of sizes | Sensors | Software
  • Sensor choices to suit your application
    MCP | MH20 | MH20i


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