Shop floor gauging

In the course of a closer cooperation with Renishaw, the Equator gauging system can now be controlled directly via the well-known WENZEL software WM | Quartis for programming and evaluation. The Equator gage is now also part of the WENZEL portfolio.

Several thousand Equator test units are already in use throughout the world and they enable extremely high repeatability accuracy and thermally robust process monitoring on the shop floor. The direct connection to the WENZEL software is an import extension of our solutions for users within the shop floor area. Workpiece data recorded with the Equator is used for automatically updating the tool offset of the respective machine tool. The Equator concept, which enables flexible and newly programmable measurements, is optimal for use in an automated environment. The result is a stable manufacturing process and continuous documentation for every workpiece.

As an "Equator-Calibrator", the SF 55 CMM is the ideal measuring machine when packaged with the Equator, which carries out comparative test measurements on the basis of a master data set. In the first step, the "master part" is measured on a coordinate measuring machine, which serves as a reference for the comparison measurement in the later process. In production, the components can then be tested by means of a comparative measurement. This happens directly in the line in the cycle of the series production whereby normally no loss of time occurs.

WENZEL offers the customer the WM | Quartis Software for the Equator, which is included in the package in the execution mode. This ensures a smooth interaction of WENZEL coordinate measuring machines - for the calibration of the master parts - and the Equator - for the comparison measurement in production. The customer is free to choose whether to use the WM | Quartis version supplied or whether to upgrade to the WM | Quartis full version. In both cases the customer has the same interface and does not need an extra program to convert the files. The files can be transferred directly from the coordinate measuring machine to the equator via a corresponding system.


  • Independent test system
  • Simple operation
  • Low inspection costs with 100% inspection
  • Constant accuracy in production
  • Can be automated
  • Can be combined with a WENZEL CMM
  • Easy integration
  • Process monitoring
  • Temperature range 5°C - 50°C
  • Software WM | Quartis



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