Capture you Part’s DNA

The exaCT® S is a lower power (130kV), small volume, desktop CT system, having impressive resolution and much faster measurement and reconstruction speeds.

The exaCT® S can be tailored to customer requirements with the appropriate software and detector.

Its measuring volume of up to 45mm in height and 90mm in diameter allows the measurement and testing of smaller components made from thin walled metals, multi-material assemblies and plastics.

The CT control and reconstruction software is specially developed by WENZEL to ensure high precision, fast scanning times and unprecedented reconstruction speed.





  • Speed, because time is money
    Fast Scanning | Fast Reconstruction | Fast Evaluation
  • One Measurement, multiple evaluations to save time
    Metrology with Virtual CMM | NDT and defect analysis | Microstructure Analysis
  • Small footprint to save money
    Largest volume for smallest footprint | Desktop | Small enough for office installation
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Range of volumes and configurations | Software for different applications | Range of detectors
  • Low cost of ownership
    Maintenance free source | Precision mechanics for greater uptime | Longer calibration intervals


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