Highest dynamics and precision

RAplus is a high-performance, mechanical bearing, horizontal arm CMM, top mounted onto an inherently stable base plate or runway. RAplus does need a foundation so the base plate or runway can be installed flush with the floor so as to make part loading easy.

RAplus machines are often installed as duplex or double arm (where the arms oppose each other) to increase the measurement volume. The system is then called RADplus when installed on a base plate or RAFDplus when installed on a runway.

The RAplus is used for production related measurement of typical components such as car bodies, individual vehicle components, assemblies, plastic parts and other large components.

The RAplus can be equipped with the latest Renishaw probe systems including Renishaw PHS infinite positioning head, 3-axis scanning or touch trigger probe systems and the WENZEL optical sensors, SHAPETRACER and WM | LS 70.

RAplus is available in 2 accuracy levels – Standard and Premium depending on accuracy requirements.




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  • Performance
    Linear bearings on Z-axis | Highest Speed and Acceleration | Shortest cycle times
  • Low cost of ownership
    Easy access for maintenance | Renishaw probes - reliable with cheap replacement parts | Longer calibration intervals
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Special sizes on request | Controllers and software | Flush floor for easy loading
  • Sensor choices to suit your application
    Cube | PH10 or PHS infinite positioning head | Touch Probing and Optical sensors
  • Turnkey Systems
    Installation and foundation management | Safety Systems | Loading systems


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