Precision to eliminate uncertainty with WENZEL bridge style CMMs

The LH Series is the latest in high performance bridge style CMMs, and is ideally suited for high accuracy applications that require high throughput.

The LH can be equipped with all the latest Renishaw probe systems including REVO 5-axis scanning, 3-axis scanning or touch trigger systems and the extensive WENZEL optical sensor portfolio.

LH is available in 3 accuracy levels
Standard – For standard applications | Premium – Greater emphasis on accuracy and performance | Premium Select – The best accuracy for your most critical applications.





  • Long term, mechanical accuracy
    Granite Structure | Hand finished | Inherent mechanical precision
  • Low cost of ownership
    Air bearings with small gaps - low air consumption | Renishaw probes - reliable with cheap replacement parts | Longer calibration intervals
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need
    Special sizes on request | Controllers and software | Automation
  • Sensor choices to suit your application
    Touch trigger probes | 3 or 5-axis scanning | Optical sensors
  • Ergonomic design
    Easy to use | Easy to service | Aesthetically pleasing


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