Shop Floor Measuring Machines

Manufacturing Metrology in the Production Plant

In today’s manufacturing processes quality is very important and to keep quality high, one should ensure that measurement data is being collected during production. Shop floor measuring machines from WENZEL not only make production errors recognizable, but also help avoid subsequent errors during the manufacturing process.

Equipped with tactile, optical, or multi-sensor systems, measure and control the scanning and testing devices the WENZEL shop floor measuring machines are designed for different requirements and products. An important part of most WENZEL shop floor measuring machines is their speed without sacrificing precision. WENZEL shop floor measuring machines combined with high-speed scanning systems can not only scan medical devices, but also sweeping rotor blades with either 3 axis or 5 axis capability. WENZEL shop floor measuring machines can also be used in connection with automation and have extended temperature ranges.

Specifically, for measurements made in flexible environments such as in a workshop, shop floor measuring devices and the product should be mobile. This is achieved, for example, by the mobile 7-axis measuring arm from Wenzel. 7-axis measuring arms from the WENZEL range equipped with optical sensors and or tactile probes can be ordered in both small and large model sizes.