Looking deep - industrial computed tomography

Range of industrial computed tomography systems for internal as well as external measurement of complex parts.

Industrial computed tomography (CT) expands on 3D coordinate measuring technology, providing you a non-destructive way to travel through your workpieces and production parts.

You may know or have heard of computed tomography (CT) from a medical exam. Medical CT usually examine injuries that a simple X-Ray would not show. This could be used to detect certain disorders or give a quick diagnosis of a patient after an accident. This same methodology can also be applied to inspection of your workpieces.

The WENZEL computed tomography system is powered for industrial use. While using appropriate resolution for the workpiece, It can penetrate components such as pure metal in all thicknesses as well as mixed components like braided fibers embedded in plastic. All of these are displayed in 3D with the highest precision.

With Industrial customers demanding extreme flexibility, WENZEL is offering a range of CT systems. Choices include compact desktop CT models, CT workstations for parts up to 2 foot by 2 foot, even extremely powerful universal CT systems that scale to the customers changing needs. All Wenzel CT systems are equipped with the WENZEL measurement software that correlates with CMM technology but offers advanced reverse engineering and part recreation.