3D Metrology - Coordinate Measuring Machines

Precise, accurate, measurement results are crucial to all quality assurance systems. At Wenzel, we combine a highly accurate, all-granite CMM frame with cutting edge probing technology to deliver a reliable, fast, measuring solution. This combination can be easily adapted to each customer’s requirements ensuring the Wenzel CMM remains a dynamic, integral part of your quality control systems in any industry sector.

Wenzel’s largest LH CMM sizes are available in Bridge or Gantry design. These precision devices are especially suited for measurements on large, complex devices and components. Whether you are measuring powertrain or aerospace components, shafts, oil and gas components or even rotating components like gears, Wenzel has a solution.

Wenzel’s horizontal arm CMMs consistently deliver high measurement quality in a wide variety of measuring conditions. Designed with price and performance in mind, our solution is designed with a huge variety of sizes, accuracy levels and applications in mind, body in white, sheet metal, automotive glass, plastic trim, and even brick molds. Equipping the ‘R-Series’ with an optical sensor provides even higher productivity.