WM | Quartis R2020-2 offers a wide range of improvements for special applications and areas of use.

You can benefit amongst others from the following innovations:

  • Integrated evaluation of roughness parameters in accordance with standards (ISO 4287 / ISO 13565)
  • Recording surface characteristic profiles with REVO SFP2 even without CAD model
  • Detailed graphical representation of the probe systems configured in the UCCserver
  • Recording and processing point clouds with several 100 million points
  • WENZEL Line Scanner WM | LS 150 supported
  • Alignment according to the rules of reference system formation (ISO GPS and ASME Y14.5)
  • Directly evaluate the minimum and maximum distance
  • Output element data in table form
  • Position tolerance: further applications supported
  • More convenient programming and extended DMIS functionality
  • Create evaluation program from Q-DAS inspection plan file
  • New and updated CAD interfaces
  • Selection list, comments, write protection, mandatory fields for database fields
  • Evaluation algorithms according to Gauss and Chebyshev tested by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB)

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