The WM | LS 50 enables to scan most of industrial parts with high accuracy and a high scanning speed. Moreover a Renishaw TP 2/20/200 probe can be added to the scanner, enabling then a unique contact/non contact measurement mix. The compactness of the WM | LS 50 combined with the PH10 motorized turn/swivel head enables the detection of complex shapes even in hard-to-reach zones.

Together with its big brother WM | LS 150 the Scanners are one of the newest members of WENZEL’s optical sensor portfolio. This sensors extend the portfolio by two optical sensor with a line width of up to 150 mm and can be used with an autojoint adapter on CMMs and the measuring arms WM | MMA & WM | MMA Premium . This provides the advantage that no additional control unit is required for the measuring arms, saving additional costs and expenses. In addition, the sensor can be integrated into your existing system from WENZEL without much effort, because like all optical sensors from WENZEL it is already fully integrated into WENZEL’s measuring software WM | Quartis . In combination with a tactile sensor and a CMM from WENZEL you get an unbeatable trio which convinces with high flexibility and performance - all of this at an excellent price/performance ratio.

Brochure WM | LS 50 & WM | LS 150