WENZEL France is one of the most successful subsidiaries of the WENZEL Group and celebrates its entry into its third decade.

Based in Saint Pierre du Perray in the Paris region, WENZEL France serves not only France, but also Morocco, Tunisia and French-speaking Switzerland.

Many of the customers served have manufacturing sites in all three countries. WENZEL France is able to provide them with a top level quality service in all these territories.

WENZEL France is able to supply and install the complete range of WENZEL products, such as the full range of LH type, three-dimensional measuring machines, shop floor measuring machines for production, exaCT computed tomography and optical high speed scanning systems such as the CORE, for the aerospace and medical industries. WENZEL France is also able to supply all Renishaw probing systems, such as the REVO 5-axis scanning head or the PH20. In addition, we offer a range of completely refurbished used machines, as well as software updates.

Several members of the WENZEL France team have contributed to the company's success with a reliable and lasting relationship for more than 20 years. The high quality of the three-dimensional measuring machines manufactured by WENZEL is of course the foundation of this success.

WENZEL France's service and support operations are also very important. The after-sales technicians who have been working there since its creation offer all their experience and technical skills in order to satisfy customer requests.

It should be noted that at its creation, one of WENZEL France's strongest sectors was the automotive industry, where WENZEL's products are still enjoying significant success.

Today, WENZEL France's most important sectors are the automotive, aerospace and energy industries. The company continues to offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers with innovative products such as computed tomography systems, optical scanners, non-contact measurement solutions and shop floor machines which are ready for automation.