On June 27, 2018, “AI(Automobile Industry) Customer Favorable Comment Award” selection activity held a grand ceremony in Beijing, which was organized by the Automobile Industry all-media platform owned by the Germany Vogel Industrial Media Group. In this event, the universal measuring equipment solution from WENZEL won the AI(Automobile Industry) Customer Favorable Comment Award based on its flexible operation, ease of use, excellent efficiency of measurement and expandability.

The “AI(Automobile Industry) Customer Favorable Comment Award” selection activity is held once every two years and this year's selection started on March 1, 2018 and ended on June 20. During this three-month period, Automobile Industry evaluated products based on their advancement, practicability, reliability, high quality, high efficiency, cost performance and flexibility combining promotion audits, network voting, user surveys and editorial results, especially taking user survey scores and evaluation as the main reference. Eventually they selected the auto equipment products and solutions which are widely acclaimed by the automobile and accessories industry users.

The WENZEL XO series coordinate measuring machine is a fast measuring machine specially designed for the production process and quality control for the European, American and Asian market. The successful foundation of the WENZEL XO series coordinate measuring machine is derived from the whole concept of customizable design. Due to its flexible operation and ease of use, the XO series shows excellent measuring efficiency and expandability. The XO series bridge coordinate measuring machine is an ideal coordinate measuring machine for both production measurement and quick and easy use. It can be used from incoming inspection to final inspection throughout the production cycle as all major requirements are met. The XO series are applicable to general measurement fields both in single piece or batch measurement (all are fully automatically controlled). The coordinate measuring machine of this series can also integrate with automatic measurement systems. Therefore, the XO series coordinate measuring machine with intelligent design concept should be your first choice for cost performance.
The XO series coordinate measuring machine with air bearing technology can be used for all situations that require accurate measurement: for example, the automotive industry, the engineering field or for wind energy equipment (from the smallest bolt to the large rotating blade). The corresponding WENZEL product can always be used to provide the best solution.

Application areas include:

• Production processes, incoming inspection and traditional quality control
• Measurement of various free form surface parts
• Measurement of single and batch parts
• Automatic measurement of tray fixtured parts

(Photo: Mr. BS Tan, deputy general manager of WENZEL Measuring Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, received the cup)