On December 7, 2018 the "40 Years of Reform and Opening-up · The Most Influential Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise Selection" award ceremony event organized by the German Vogel Business Media's Maschinen Markt (MM) magazine's all-media platform was held in Beijing. After 3 months of selection, MM applies the following selection criteria:

Application: continue to develop in the industry, possess the core competitive advantage;

Achievements: create outstanding market performance, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry;

Contribution: make a prominent contribution to the development of the industry, lead the development direction of the industry;

Through online voting, user selection, media recommendations and expert review, WENZEL Measuring Machines (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. eventually won the award of "40 Years of Reform and Opening-up · The Most Influential Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise".

The “40th Years of Reform and Opening-up · The Most Influential Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise Selection” event is designed to build a bridge between outstanding foreign-owned enterprises and local enterprises towards branding extension and to establish the industry benchmark for the whole of society to learn from excellent manufacturing enterprises. It's the new chapter for the great practice of the "Chinese Dream".

WENZEL China were bold in innovating and breaking new ground with their assistance in creating a fully automated processing and testing production line for AECC Xi'an Aero-Engine; customized automatic testing line for Siemens; providing a complete measuring solution room (a turnkey project with foundation infrastructure to system design) to BMW Brilliance and so on, through continuous adaptation to cater to user's changing needs and market trends. WENZEL is committed providing customers with the best quality measuring systems from Germany packaged with additional value through efficient services to maximize user productivity development.

Meanwhile, the “2nd Made in China 2025 Entrepreneur International Forum” hosted by MM medial was held in Beijing, paying tribute to China's manufacturing industry in the name of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The forum revolved around the new ecology, construction and branding, effecting improvement of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factories under the strategy of "Made in China 2025". It discussed how to enhance the technological innovation and service reform on the supply chain side, how to pursue and effect the brand "Made in China 2025" with innovation, and to seek intelligent manufacturing execution solutions and manufacturing enterprise applications of innovative development. Mr.Tan BS, Vice General Manager of WENZEL Measuring Machines (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was invited to participate in and spoke at the Entrepreneur Roundtable Dialogue Forum, during which Mr.Tan BS and many entrepreneurs discussed how to better transform today’s factory production from human driven manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing processes and what core technologies need to be used to solve the challenges and problems faced by the end-user during this transition period to this new era of manufacturing development.

WENZEL is proud to accept the users and experts' recognition and win the award of “40th Years of Reform and Opening-up · The Most Influential Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise”. In the coming year, as changes in digitalization accelerate the transformation of the industry, the development of cloud data and advances productivity-enhancment both now and in the near future, WENZEL will integrate more into the Chinese market with an open mind. The spirit of innovation and prioritizing service first to our customers will continue to lead us to achieve customer satisfaction in this new era of manufacturing and help Chinese enterprises to achieve intelligent, digital and networked production as a whole.