Hello everybody and thank you very much for all the requests!

Today I would like to tell you something about my working environment. Where normally other CMMs don't like to work anymore, I feel really comfortable. I like working close to the production line with other colleagues of the production and I also like to get the parts directly from a robot. I can measure the parts and if something's wrong, I'll let you know immediately so that the error doesn't go unnoticed and colleagues can correct it promptly.

Together with the other colleagues in production, we form a strong team that has already found many faults. The production manager also noticed this and praised me to the quality manager. I am really proud of this, especially because I really enjoy it and would like to convince you of it.

Are you interested? – Then make an appointment with us in the new WENZEL shop floor world and let us convince you. Just send an e-mail to my manager Edwin Thiel (edwin.thiel@wenzel-group.com) or have a look for further information here.

I am looking forward hearing from you!