Hello everybody and thank you very much for your interest! It's great to see how many people are interested in me. I am just a machine, but a great one, right?

After presenting my first year of life 2 weeks ago, it's time for some living pictures. My inventors at WENZEL think I am very successful, so they made a short film about me. On almost 70 seconds you can observe me now concretely with the work and understand, what I can do.

There is little space in the production area, so I have a very compact footprint. With some customers, you have to create space at short notice and move the measuring machine. That's why I'm very robust with a weight of just under 2 tons, but still easy to move with a lift truck. Sure - you buy a coordinate measuring machine because you want to measure the produced parts very accurately. That's why I still measure very accurately even with larger temperature ranges.

Other machines still achieve the features mentioned so far to some extent, but only for small parts. I have a possible measuring area of 800*700*700 mm, which is enormous. Hmh, let's calculate: 500*500*500, that's 0.125 sqm. I, on the other hand, can do 800*700*700, which is 0.392 sqm and thus 3* more than other machines on the market. So you can measure much larger components with me than with other machines, no matter what industry they are from. Cool, isn't it? With this volume, it also makes sense, of course, that I was given the ability from the start to measure with different probes – tactile and optical. And the operation is carried out by the widely used WM | Quartis application software, which is also an advantage.

Even though I like to have people around me who I can watch at work, I understand that I should also be used automatically. Therefore the developers of WENZEL built me in such a way that I can be loaded well from THREE sides. So a robot can load and unload parts from the left, right or front. And everything is directly linked to our WENZEL Automation Interface.

Now I stand at companies where it really hurts when I don't feel like working. Failures from me should not occur, but if I need a repair or a service visit, then I can really get going again quickly. They call the spare parts concept for me "plug and play".

I have saved a special feature for the end. Even though I like to work fast and precisely: I don't need any extra air, i.e. no connection to a compressor. This makes me locally flexible but above all cheap to maintain. Just a stroke from the user and a little electricity, then I am satisfied and do my job!

Interested: just watch the movie at https://youtu.be/YhKoQnDNenc and ask my manager for an appointment with me in the new shop floor world.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!