Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my blog again! How many people follow me, I can get around a lot now. I've been to Parma, Brussels, Lyon, and I am currently in Slovenia and next week in China. A lot of people think I'm cool and like me and my design. But it's important to me that I don't just look good, that I have something to offer! So from now on I will describe in more detail what I can do and what my developers thought...

I'm supposed to be in production, as close as possible to the machines that produce the parts I'm supposed to check. And that's where it's really often very tight. And then I need a quiet place to do my work well. Phew, that makes some factory layouts and my developers sweat. What is the solution? Small and compact, that sounds good at first. But I should also be able to measure larger parts...

In the width, I offer 800 mm of footprint. But for this I only need a total width of less than 1.60 m, including my monitor workstation. I provide 700 mm in the depth, for this I get by with scarcely 1.5 m. Not bad already. But they must have packed my intelligence somewhere. Although you might have guessed it in the stomach of some of my developers (hihi, little joke, sorry) they decided to use my head. That's where it goes higher for me. My working surface starts at about 82 cm, so that you can work on me comfortably and without back damage. Then I put 700 mm measuring volume in the height at your disposal and then still my brain comes on top of it, there I land then in sum with scarcely 2.90 m. Unfortunately, a little tight for the living room but no problem in a production.


Excerpt from my data sheet: exact data about the floor space


So, you can really give me a lot of different parts for testing that you produce out there. And it's also cool that I can either feel the parts manually (there are a lot of tactile buttons available) or you can put on glasses and take a quick look at them (e.g. with our optical sensor SHAPETRACER). Fast or accurate – I can do both! Already since the first series I can measure tactilely under 3 µm exactly, that is for a machine without air bearing already a great performance! Speaking of without air bearings – you don't have to connect me to an air compressor, that's another advantage. That makes me flexible, but above all also considerably cheaper to maintain than other colleagues.

That's enough for today. Must go on. Next, I'll tell you something about my mobility and why it's especially important in the production environment. At the same time, they shoot a few more films from my first experiences with customers. I'm really looking forward to that, because you can see me sweating and working hard.

If you don't know me so well yet, you can take a look at me in detail at YouTube. And of course – see you! At one of the upcoming trade fairs or in our beautiful Shop Floor World!

See you!