New measuring machine from WENZEL for the shop floor

The new coordinate measuring machine SF 1210 from WENZEL, especially developed for the shop floor, covers all requirements of modern metrology. Measuring directly in the production; this means to measure fast and highly accurate as well as to be flexible and space-saving. Good accessibility for automatic loading and unloading as well as a robust design regarding vibration and temperature sensitivity are further outstanding features of the completely new developed SF 1210.


Dynamic portal machine with double drive and large measuring volume

The SF 1210 was developed in the portal construction design proven at WENZEL and presented for the first time at the online fair WENZEL EXPO on May 5th, 2020. In order to keep the short cycle times of production, the measuring machine was equipped with a dynamic double drive. Thus the SF 1210 supports dynamic movements very well and can be flexibly tailored to individual applications. The measuring volume is enormous; 1,200 and 1,000 mm are available in width and height, the length can be varied from 1,500 - 2,500 mm.



A small footprint and excellent accessibility are no contradiction with the new shop floor CMM. It is accessible from four sides and is therefore ideally suited for automation and even small batch sizes. It is conceivable, for example, to load the CMM with a robot, but also with a pallet system, since the guides and base plate form one level.

The SF 1210 is equipped with extremely high-quality linear guides, is based on a rigid construction and has covers to protect guides and drives. This makes the measuring device ideally suited for rough environmental conditions (e.g. dust, temperature, oil fog and chips) and can be fully integrated into the production line.


Wide range of sensor options and applications

In addition to tactile sensors, the SF 1210 supports, analogous to the LH series from WENZEL, a variety of powerful optical sensors and thus brings their advantages to the production line. Thus the CMM offers an unprecedented flexibility: highest precision by tactile measurements in connection with highest measuring dynamics by optical solutions and a large measuring volume.

With the REVO and PH20 measuring system from Renishaw in combination with the SF series, WENZEL has already been able to significantly increase measurement throughput in many projects. In some cases there were phenomenal savings in measurement time for specific applications of 85%. In addition, the 5-axis measuring system also significantly reduces the time required for calibration and probe changing.

The SF 1210 can optionally be equipped with active damping. The fields of application are manifold. For example, the CMM is very interesting for foundries. Typical workpieces are motors, pumps, chassis parts, subframes, large gear boxes, white goods or sheet metal and stamped parts.



The WENZEL Group is one of the leading suppliers in the field of Industrial Metrology. The product portfolio of WENZEL includes optical high speed scanning, computed tomography based 3D X-ray measuring technology, and traditional coordinate measuring machines. In addition to these systems WENZEL also offers comprehensive metrology software, which is used by many thousands of users for the measurement and analysis of parts. WENZEL solutions are found across the Automotive Industry, Aerospace and Defense, in Plastics and Medical Technology. Our solutions also support Reverse Engineering, Inspection, and Analysis for a variety of fields including Power Generation, Vehicle Electrification, and Additive Manufacturing. Today WENZEL has an installed base of over 10,000 machines worldwide. Subsidiaries and agencies in more than 50 countries support the sales and ensure the after sales service for our customers. The WENZEL Group has more than 600 employees worldwide.