As a consequence of the growth of our company over the last 50 years, increasing globalization  and our focus on a broader product range in metrology, the company trading as WENZEL Präzision GmbH will operate under a new name from the turn of the new year:

WENZEL Metrology GmbH

Nothing changes with respect to our business partners. Our address, telephone and fax numbers, commercial register and VAT identification number and bank details are unchanged. Of course, all existing contracts and agreements retain their full validity.

Please take into account the new company name, especially for future invoicing and change your records accordingly.

With the change of name, we are setting the course for the future at the end of our Anniversary year. "Metrology" in our company name reflects our core competence and passion and guarantees a high level of recognition at home and abroad.

We thank you for your trust so far and look forward to continued good cooperation into the future.