Hello! It's me. The SF 87 from WENZEL. I'm going to be one year old soon and now I will travel the world quite a bit. I want to tell you what an interesting development I have had behind me and how it will be continued. Today I will start with my development, in the next weeks I will tell you more about how I work and what you can do with me.

My name was already clear before my birth: SF - it stands for Shop Floor and should express that I am a really tough guy. You can place me (almost) anywhere where our customers produce their components, e g. directly in a production hall, where it can be dirty. I'm not as spoiled as my colleagues, who prefer to work with air conditioning and good air. Sometimes it gets warmer or colder around me and in the air you can literally smell that the machines next door are really being worked on.

SF as name, is a bit boring, I am actually the successor of the WENZEL SMART, one of the first shop floor coordinate measuring machines, built on the market. My siblings are called LH. Some technicians claim that this stands for Air Bearing Horizontal. But that's not true at all. Our founder only thought of his daughter, our current boss, and simply called the series Lovely Heike. And I - SF - well. I'm a modest guy and have to conquer my place first, but I'm very sure that I'll soon be able to play at the very top and then I'll certainly get a few stars or something like that as name affix. And then SF will be right again, it could also stand for the SMART Follower. And that's why you can call me SMARTY from now on.

Even before I was born, our developers really went to a lot of trouble. They locked parts of me in the climatic chamber and tested them in suffocating heat and iciness. That's when I learned that developers are also normal people - they look just like others in swimming trunks and ski suits. Having found the right materials, my design was completed. I'm compact, so I don´t need much of the valuable space in production hall. However I can measure parts up to 800*700*700 mm, much more than most other machines on the market. As soon as my first model was finished, I had to start travelling. I had my premiere in Stuttgart and then they shipped me across the pond to America. I was really impressive at the IMTS in Chicago, so they wanted to buy me from the spot. Then they started cloning me at WENZEL, so that everyone could buy such a copy. And now I'm going on a real tour through Europe: in the coming weeks I will be in Vienna, Lyon, Brussels and many other cities and soon I will be in Stuttgart again. In April I will also have my premiere in the Land of the Centre, in Beijing, really cool. I have an exciting life and many companies are really interested in me. In our headquarters in Wiesthal, they have built a new Solution Center for me, so that I can really shine.

Have I also aroused your interest? Then stay tuned here in the blog! In the coming weeks I'll go into detail and boast a little about my abilities. Recently they even made a film about me, which I'll show next time.

Till then, a lot of greetings