The LH 1515 CMM is now available as a standard model in portal design.

The CMM model LH 1515 is now available as a standard model within the LH series for portal measuring machines. The new design has a generous measuring range in the X and Z axis of 1500 x 1500 [mm]. The Y-axis is available in the standard sizes 2000, 3000 and 4000 mm and can be customized for special sizes over 5000 mm. Until now, the coordinate measuring machine in this size has been delivered in gantry construction with a Y-guide raised on one side. With this new development, customers can save money when purchasing the CMM, as the LH 1515 is now offered at a much lower price. Further advantages are the even better accessibility for loading the CMM with large components and the new, modern industrial design.

With the LH you benefit from an extremely functional, effective and flexible measuring machine that is reliable and easy to operate as usual. The success of our portal measuring machines is based on a proven holistic concept consisting of first-class mechanical engineering, intelligent software and accessory options and a comprehensive service package. Stable, reliable and full dynamic, the LH is a universal and flexible measuring instrument for a wide range of applications. With the current generation of air-bearing portal measuring machines WENZEL continues the progress in terms of precision, efficiency and durability. The revolutionary design of the LH impresses with high mechanical accuracy, perfect working ergonomics and increased dynamics. Measuring instruments of the LH series are available in the accuracy classes Standard, Premium and Premium-Select.

The LH is ideal for all applications that require high accuracy and high measurement throughput. The LH series is used in almost all industrial sectors. The system is used to measure components in the watchmaking industry as well as in the production of large engines with high accuracy. The Y-axis can be configured customer-specific for long special sizes.

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