Measuring tough turbine blades pushed most coordinate measuring machines to their limits. Not so with the CORE product line from WENZEL. The CORE product range has considered the various aspects of a turbine blade in order to meet all the requirements of the geometric measuring system with one machine. Whether it’s the fir-tree root or the leading and trailing edges are to be measured, with the CORE you have made the right choice.

While the well-known tactile systems have limitations due to the probe ball diameter cosign error, the optical sensor of the CORE can measure features they aren’t accessible by traditional probe measurement.

The CORE’s optical white light sensor, with a light spot of 40 μm can measure points and even the smallest radii. Where tactile measurement is still required, the hybrid sensor WM | HS from WENZEL is used, combining the CORE’s optical sensor with a traditional TP20 probing system.


Measurement of reflecting surfaces

One unique feature of the WENZEL CORE’s white light sensor is that it can measure highly reflective surfaces without the need to pretreatment the components by spraying them with chalk spray - which leads to a higher measuring accuracy.


Point detection in areas difficult to access optically

The visual accessibility of the fir tree root and the small radii on the shroud are often a problem. The individual edges lead to shading, which makes the complete detection of the foot possible only under consideration of a special measuring strategy. When measuring with CORE, the profile is scanned twice, each time in different directions. The two scans are then joined together. This makes it optically possible to detect hard-to-reach areas and the smallest radii with a high point density.

WENZEL's CORE product series is an excellent system which enables the quality of a component to be measured directly in the production environment. This is underlined by a stable and reliably reproducible measurement on various surfaces.