The foundation of our company, the WENZEL Group with all its subsidiaries, goes back to our senior partner Werner Wenzel. He was a master toolmaker and originally wanted to found a mechanical engineering company in his home town Heigenbrücken in 1968. But the community was anything but enthusiastic. In our beautiful Spessart, tourism was expected to do much more, and Heigenbrücken wanted to avoid a permanent disturbance of the idyll by manufacturing industry. The neighbouring community of Wiesthal had no objections to this and left Werner Wenzel a piece of land.

The business idea was “precision measuring and testing instruments”. To get started with our first three employees, Werner Wenzel built an assembly hall and an office building with an apartment on the first floor. The order situation was very good right from the beginning, already in 1973 more than 30 employees were employed. The first buildings are still standing today, but this is only a part of today’s total complex with 54,000 m² of land and 15,500 m² of building space (of which 5,000 m² are air-conditioned), which literally disappears behind a large office wing and huge halls. In the former apartment with the children’s room for daughter Heike, employees of the IT department, for example, are now tinkering with the building.

Dr. Heike Wenzel is now the sole managing partner and characterizes her father as an “absolute visionary”, “strong implementer”, “unshakable optimist” and “a person who woke up with a new idea every day”. Her mother Helga, on the other hand, was responsible for the financial side, did the bookkeeping – initially also for other companies. She “did not slow down the father, but kept him in check in the waves of implementation”.

Werner Wenzel was an ambitious person. He had quit a permanent position in a mechanical engineering company and founded a company with rather small savings. In spite of strong and traditional competition he had ensured that the WENZEL Group always kept pace with the rapid technical development and developed, produced and sold high-quality measuring machines.

Today, WENZEL’s answer to the increasingly complex requirements of the markets, the strong growth, the advancing internationalisation and the expansion of the product portfolio of the largest family-run company in measurement technology is WENZEL. The introduction of new technologies, the development of automation solutions and the reorientation of the software development, has been honoured twice in this decade with the award ‘TOP 100 Innovators of the German middle class’.

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