WENZEL establishes itself as a trendsetter in metrology

Our first years of operation were very successful, so that as early as 1971 the first structural extensions were made. The facilities used were already among the most modern of their kind at that time (even if they seem a bit old-fashioned from today’s perspective). WENZEL was one of the few manufacturers worldwide who were able to supply components with an accuracy of less than 1 µm. As a trendsetter, we recognised early on that granite as a base material for measuring machine construction guarantees the highest precision and a long service life due to its unique physical properties. Cast iron was gradually replaced at this time.

By 1973 the workforce had grown continuously from 3 to 22 employees and turnover had already reached DM 1.5 million. At that time the product range consisted of measuring cubes, test plates as well as angle/clamping and testing tables. The company premises grew to 10,000 m2 and the building area was already 1,350 m2.

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