The first self-developed WENZEL 3D coordinate measuring machine is presented

By the end of the 70’s WENZEL had established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of precision measuring tools and was delivering them all over the world. We had already reached the mark of 60 employees and established our own development and design department.

Until 1973, the development of coordinate measuring technology was limited to 2D or 3D machines in column design. These were mainly used in car body metrology for measuring and marking out. Manufacturers in Germany were Stiefelmayer, Mora, WENZEL and Zettmess. Internationally, the companies Portage/Bendix, Poli, Trimek, ITP and Brown&Sharpe were represented in this business. Later, the stand gauges (also called horizontal arm gauges) were equipped with measuring head systems mainly from Renishaw.1)

In 1980 the time had come. At the Wiesthal site, we produced the first WENZEL 3D measuring and marking machines, starting a success story that continues to this day. The positive response to the new development at home and abroad enabled WENZEL to continue expanding.

“I can still remember very well how proud my parents were of the first machines that left our factory. Innovation, close customer contact and the highest quality have been our goal and the driving force behind development and production since the first coordinate measuring machine – this understanding still motivates our employees and me every day!”, says Managing Director Dr. Heike Wenzel.

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1) AUKOM Training Coordinate Measuring Technology e. V.