The company history of the largest family-run metrology company

On this website we will present the most important milestones of the WENZEL-History in regular intervals. – Over 50 years have passed since Werner Wenzel founded the company in Wiesthal. These were exciting years in which the family business has developed from a small three-man operation to a worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring solutions. Look back with us on an impressive company history with groundbreaking innovations and products and learn more about the people behind the scenes and the secret of WENZEL’s success.


1968 – Foundation

The foundation of our company, the WENZEL Group with all its subsidiaries, goes back to our senior partner Werner Wenzel. He was a master toolmaker and originally wanted to found a mechanical engineering company in his home town Heigenbrücken in 1968. But the community was anything but enthusiastic. In our beautiful Spessart, tourism was expected to do much more, and Heigenbrücken wanted to avoid a permanent disturbance of the idyll by manufacturing industry. The neighbouring community of Wiesthal had no objections to this and left Werner Wenzel a piece of land. Learn more