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The WENZEL Group is one of the leading suppliers in the field of industrial metrology and styling solutions. WENZEL’s product portfolio includes coordinate and gear measuring machines with tactile and optical sensors, multi-sensor systems, optical high speed scanning and 3D X-ray measuring technology based on computer tomography. In addition to these systems WENZEL also offers comprehensive metrology software, which is used by many thousands of users for the measurement and analysis of parts. WENZEL´s measuring solutions are used in various industries, including the automotive sector, aerospace, power generation and medical devices. Our solutions also support reverse engineering, inspection, and analysis for a variety of fields including power generation, vehicle electrification, and additive manufacturing. Over the years WENZEL has installed more than 10,000 machines worldwide. Subsidiaries and agencies in more than 50 countries support the sales and ensure the after sales service for our customers. The WENZEL Group employs more than 500 people worldwide.