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“Measuring costs money.” This is the view of most Mould and Tool Makers. Now there is a new solution for this problem which offers a substantial improvement of the overall manufacturing process - from the very first stage. In addition, the customer receives a confirmation of the correct quality of the end product. Mould and Tool Makers knows the problem well: It is rare that components produced by new tooling are perfectly correct to drawing although the tooling was made exactly according to its drawing requirements. Loss and delay are therefore the norm. F. & G. Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized injection moulding company from Aalen with its own tool and die making operations and Managing Director Steffen Hachtel and his team are faced almost daily with this challenge. Mr. Hachtel has implemented the solution from WENZEL Knotenpunkt to resolve his problems of losses and delays in its tooling operations.


Customized Solution

Special sizes, automated loading systems, turnkey installation management, software solutions and accessories to have your machine, your way.

Customized Solution


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