Full Turnkey Measuring Laboratory Solution

WENZEL has supplied a number of R series coordinate measuring machines for use in BMW metrology labs including the central metrology lab at the new BMW plant in Leipzig. The machines are used primarily for chassis work. Besides defining the machine configuration, WENZEL provided an unparalleled full-service turnkey package, taking total design responsibility for the metrology labs including the foundation, structural analysis and air conditioning. One of the main reasons why WENZEL machines were chosen was our ability to meet extremely demanding precision and measuring speed requirements. Measurement accuracy is 0.1mm over a three-dimensional length of 6000mm. The machines have a traversing speed of 865mm/second. Renishaw PHS heads with continuous-positioning allow the user to find the optimal probing position for the defined reference points. WENZEL’s PHOENIX optical probe connects to an auto-joint mounting. Chassis measurement places significant demands on the holding fixtures as well as on the coordinate measuring machines. The modular WITTE Alufix product range is the ideal complement to the WENZEL portfolio, delivering the speed and flexibility which users are looking for.


Customized Solution

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Customized Solution


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