The Easy Way of Measuring Turbine Blades

The measurement of turbine blades involves very special challenges. This especially affects the measurement of leading and trailing edge with radii smaller than 0.1mm. Conventional tactile systems reach their limits in this application. Limited by the diameter of the probe stylus, form deviation and defects on small features cannot be detected. A tactile probe has the effect of a mechanical filter on the measurement and can make results appear better or worse than they really are.

Optical measurement systems can be used as an alternative. However, it has to be carefully analyzed if the measuring system is suitable for the application. Reflective surfaces have to be prepared and coated with special powder in many cases. This procedure adds extra material to the part and causes incorrect results for the evaluation of small features. Furthermore, not every method is able to capture small radii or even measure difficult to access features.

CORE is the one optical measurement system to fulfill all these requirements. Due to the innovative sensor any preparation of reflective and polished surfaces can be omitted. Measurement points are captured with a small light spot with a diameter of 35μm. With this measuring system even small radii can be measured in detail with a high number of points and form deviations and defects can be analyzed.


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