Applications of industrial measurement technology

Modern measurement technology facilitates industrial production in many ways. Industrial robots used with sheet metal and stamped parts are controlled and corrected using the measured data of those parts, for example, in the automotive industry. In the contract manufacturing industry in particular, universal measuring techniques are used. The measurements and test equipment in turbine technology are especially designed for large components. Among other things, nozzle guide vanes, motor shafts, and turbine blades are measured and examined.

Many of the best-known applications of precise 3D coordinate measuring technology are found in the automotive industry. In tool making, in the press shop, in component manufacturing in the body shop, in the series and analysis measuring center or in final assembly - you can find WENZEL applications everywhere. Large gears or motors are measured with tactile and optical applications. The more complicated and complex a plastic workpiece is, the more non-destructive testing with Computed Tomography is used. In medicine, precision is a healing and well-being factor. When measuring implants, every thousandth of a millimeter counts.

For large-volume aircraft parts or engine housings, the WENZEL range includes several excellent standard solutions as well as individually adaptable ones. Measurement machines are used so no defective parts are delivered to the customer at the end of production. WENZEL measuring devices also exceed at the measurement of molds.