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WENZEL provides machines to check complex mould tooling as well as the intricate plastic mouldings they produce. PointMaster software can also account for shrinkage and can quickly apply corrections to tooling.

Computed Tomography (CT) also enables measurement of the internal as well as external features of intricate plastic mouldings.

Other parts or tooling may be measured with standard CMM’s fitted with either optical sensors or standard Renishaw probing.

  • exaCT® S
    Small plastic components
  • exaCT® M
    Medium-sized plastics components
  • exaCT® U
    Large plastic components
    Laser Line Scanner for inspection or reverse engineering of sculptured metal or plastic parts
  • LH
    High performance bridge style CMMs, ideally suited for high accuracy applications that require high throughput
  • LH Gantry
    High performance gantry CMMs, ideally suited for high accuracy, medium to large applications
  • Scanning Probes
    Renishaw SP25 on PH10M for indexing, 3-axis scanning and SP80 for fixed head scanning with long styli
    WENZEL’s object oriented CMM software – easy to use with great reporting tools
  • PointMaster
    WENZEL’s point cloud handling solution for inspection, reverse engineering and shrinkage calculations



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