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Very large, high accuracy parts such as airframes, engine casings and cowlings, large castings and mould tools require a large vertical ram CMM.

Parts with lower tolerances such as car bodies, other sheet metal, mouldings and fabrications are more suited to a horizontal coordinate measuring machine.

For machines of this size it is important to hard a partner who has experience managing the installation of such machines and is used to liaising with civil engineers.

  • LH
    High performance bridge style CMMs, ideally suited for high accuracy applications that require high throughput
  • LHF
    Inspection of engine casings and large components and structures
  • LH Gantry
    High performance gantry CMMs, ideally suited for high accuracy, medium to large applications
  • RAplus
    High performance production measurement of car bodies, sub-assemblies, plastic parts and other large components
  • RAX
    Very precise measurement of large volume car and truck bodies



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