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To measure machined castings, plastics molded parts and simple 3d printed parts, often a CMM is the right tool. WENZEL offers different frame performances and the complete range of Renishaw probe heads, scanning and touch trigger probes and CMM software.

All have good price/performance ratio, but a detailed study of your applications will determine the best combination of frames, probing and software.

  • LH
    High performance bridge style CMMs, ideally suited for high accuracy applications that require high throughput
  • XOrbit
    Entry level CMM that features hand-finished, granite guideways and air bearings
  • REVO
    5-axis, infinite angle, contact scanning ideal for large bores, deep holes, gasket scanning and blisk measurement
  • PH20
    Renishaw PH20 – 5-axis, infinite angle, head touching for ideal for parts with angled holes but no requirement for deep holes
  • Scanning Probes
    Renishaw SP25 on PH10M for indexing, 3-axis scanning and SP80 for fixed head scanning with long styli
  • WM | Quartis
    WENZEL’s object oriented CMM software – easy to use with great reporting tools



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