Helping to realize your visions

Using its many years of collaboration with Design Studios, WENZEL has developed the widest range of Design Studio machines from manual CMM’s, to CNC CMM-based solutions, to the most powerful clay and board milling machines with everything in between. We provide a range of controllers to suit the application and can offer 3, 3+2 or full 5-axis milling and scanning.

We can also provide the experienced project management required for large installations and a huge range of studio accessories such as lifters, milling cutters, scribing and measuring tools and tools for the modeler.

  • RA
    Manual, motorized or CNC machines for inspection and scribing operations in the studio only
  • RA Mill
    CNC machines for inspection, scribing, milling and scanning
  • DT Base
    Motorized machines for inspection, scribing and scanning
  • DT Robot
    CNC machines for inspection, scribing, milling, scanning and projecting
  • DT Mill
    CNC machines for the most powerful milling and scanning
  • Studio Accessories
    Lifters, Milling cutters, scribing tools and other tools for the modeler



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