WENZEL Intelligent Machine Interface (IMI)

Automation, big data, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing/3D printing are some of those modern terms many providers use in connection with the megatrend Industry 4.0. But Industry 4.0 is more than a slogan, if one succeeds in generating a specific benefit for the end user from our technological developments. From the outset, WENZEL has questioned, what this term specifically means for products, processes and its entire business model.

By implementing WENZEL 4.0, a framework was created, from which various projects were launched, which create a highly specific and directly measurable advantage for customers and employees alike. For example, WENZEL uses 3D printing to react more specifically to customer requirements, when facing specific materials or parts. Digital workstations have also been installed providing employees with all relevant information of production orders, paperless and directly to the workstation on the shop floor. This increases throughput and our flexibility for customers. By implementing new and very user-friendly software solutions in customer service, it is possible to react to customer enquiries even faster and more efficiently. WENZEL also developed a new modern touch panel, which was optimized with various features to guarantee a convenient operation of coordinate and gear measuring machines. The touch panel allows machine and measurement software control directly at the machine, whilst maintaining an optimal view of the machine and part.

In addition, WENZEL will equip its machines with a new intelligence, which will help the user to collect, analyze and present relevant information regarding the application of the machines in an appealing form: WENZEL IMI – the WENZEL Intelligent Machine Interface

The WENZEL IMI consists of three modules. With the implementation of the mi-WLINK a software solution has been created to collect and process all information from the measuring machine’s environment. The environment information includes data regarding the ambient temperature, the humidity and the historical performance of the measuring machine, but also any ongoing problems or wear to critical parts are recorded. For this purpose, integrated sensors as well as information from the controller are used. In addition, warnings and status reports from the application software were integrated. Information about currently running measuring programs or more specific error messages can be processed in this way. This collected information is processed in a standardized manner for each individual measuring machine and can be evaluated in various scenarios.

In the local mi-WGUARD scenario all machines set up in the same measuring room, are included into the solution. In the global mi-WGUARD solution all of the customers’ machines can be included, wherever in the world they are being used. The data can also be transferred to a secure area at WENZEL with the consent of the customer. This enables a new quality of cooperation between WENZEL service technicians and the customer, including the possibility to conclude a maintenance contract with predictive maintenance.

Visual presentation is provided by a modern software solution, the mi-WPANEL, which allows customers to be interactively informed about the condition of all connected measuring machines. Depending on the chosen scenario, the current condition of all measuring machines can be viewed at a glance. Detailed information can be retrieved with the help an easy double-click at any time. This is possible in the workplace as well as externally with the use of mobile devices such smartphones or tablets. In the first instance, mi-WPANEL will be delivered to our customers as a Freemium product. In the free of charge version all basic information concerning the measuring machine are provided. The monitoring of an entire measuring room (local scenario) or of all machines of a customer worldwide (global customer scenario) is provided by the premium version.

With the development of this solution WENZEL sets specific standards for the implementation of Industry 4.0. Collecting data and processing it in an expedient manner is an important step to further improve efficient use of WENZEL measuring machines. WENZEL 4.0 provides solutions to support the customer with digital transformation projects.

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